Photo Gallery

This page is to give you some reference points as to the events in my journey to endure the major life event of being diagnosed with a brain tumour, the operation, the challenging path to recovery and beyond.

Photo taken in A&E after the fall on 27th October, 2018.

Waiting for the scans in the early hours of 28th October, 2018.

The MRI of the two tumours joined together across my frontallobes.

The day after surviving surgery! 21st November, 2018.

Sitting up for the first time since the operation. 23rd November,2018.

Thumbs up for the treat from home. 28th November, 2018.

My scar line after the painful removal of the clips that wereholding my head together! 27th November, 2018.

The clips that were holding my head together. 27th November, 2018.

The joy of feeling comfortable sitting in a chair. 25th November,2018.

My happiness on discharge day, only nine days after theoperation. 29th November, 2018.

Post operation MRI showing the stitches in my brain.

Post operation MRI showing the row of clips holding my headtogether!

Follow up MRI showing no tumour!

MRI 16th March 2022 – Healing nicely!

The Stone in My Head