This page gives you an insight into the psychosis I experienced during my recovery in the summer of 2019. The brain surgery itself created organic psychosis but this was amplified by my reaction to the medication I was on which had to be changed on multiple occasions to find the one that suited me best. Thankfully my medication stabilised in the autumn of 2019.

Me expressing my love and joy for art and music, whilst that is true the video is odd due to my psychosis. 10th August, 2019.

I have absolutely no idea who I am talking to in this video and is a further example of how powerful the effects of psychosis can be. 11th August, 2019.

Video of myself on a call, that I have no idea who the call is to. 12th August, 2019.

Back in hospital to deal with how poorly I was, suffering from the psychosis. 19th August, 2019.

The Stone in My Head